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Classes and workshops

Ingvild´s classes merges physicality with technicality, with emphasis on empowerment through movement. The classes are structured to flow organically between exercises and bodily investigations.

Ingvild teaches contemporary and modern techniques, jazz, musical theatre and ballet.

Excerpts from teaching experience:

Lillestrøm videregående skole danselinje - ballet teacher

(40 % position, 1 term)  I  2020

På tå hev, The Norwegian Opera & Ballet  I  2019 - 2021


Lillestrøm videregående skole danselinje - jazz teacher

(40 % position, 1 term)  I  2019

Lillestrøm videregående skole - cover teacher  I  2018 - 2021

Norsk Ballettinstitutt  I  2015 - 2021

Please use the contact form for any enquiries regarding classes and workshops.

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